Even Bigger Sails on the Horizon
April 27, 2017
Privateer, Admiral, Legend
May 12, 2017

Prepare for Boarding!

Ready your weapons to take on the Dutch Boarding Party Veterans, sailing in to try your resolve this summer!

Coming to capture your Sloops, Brigantines, Frigates, and even your brand-new Galleons are the Dutch Boarding Party Veterans. These battle-hardened seamen were known as some of the best sailors of the seventeenth century and were the last guests you’d want climbing aboard your ship unannounced.

Sporting the vicious grins of men who know their adversaries are far underequipped for the fight, these sailors are armed with braces of pistols, boarding axes, grenades, blunderbusses, and unparalleled nerve. Look out, because the mere sight of these veteran sea-rovers might have your crew dropping their weapons and handing over their haul!