Prepare for Boarding!
May 5, 2017
Miniature Market’s Blood & Plunder Review
May 12, 2017

Privateer, Admiral, Legend

The first and last to capture a king’s share of the Spanish “silver fleet,” Admiral Pieter Hein is known for his colorful past, his conquest of the prized Spanish fleet, and his unwavering dignity.  

Most call him a pirate, but you’d do better to think of him as a privateer. An Admiral of the Dutch Republic, Hein sails beneath a letter of marque with entire fleets of warships at his command. If you’re looking for a commander known not only for his daring, but his honor, look no further. Hein proves, by capturing his most famous conquest of the Spanish treasure fleet without bloodshed, that not all piratical exploits must end with gore. Of course, you can try to replicate the adventure – but you’ll be hard-pressed to end a game of Blood & Plunder without killing a few of your opponents