Buccaneer's companion

An expansion for Blood & Plunder detailing an abridged account of the undertakings of the notorious pirate Bartholomew Sharp and his associates, herein containing scenarios intended to recreate, among others, their more infamous martial actions upon the Spanish settlements of Portobello, Santa Maria, Perico Bay and Arica.

How to use this document?



The journey that Bartholomew Sharp, John Coxon and the others would embark upon would take them around South America and into the Pacific ocean. Detailed here are 6 scenarios representing some of the more famous conflicts the company had with the Spanish, complete with force lists at both standard and army scale which represent the forces involved in the conflict.



There is also the option to use the scenarios detailed in this document with whichever forces players may choose to use. Some scenarios are based on an existing scenario found in the Blood & Plunder core rulebook or the No Peace Beyond the Line expansion but are modified with force restrictions/ requirements, new victory conditions and/or setup types, others are entirely new scenarios with special objectives. These scenarios provide a fresh way to play Blood & Plunder.





Players can experience the adventure as a campaign. Each scenario, after the first, has an optional set of conditions which may impact the game. Players will receive a minor benefit or penalty depending on whether certain criteria were met in the previous scenario.



Also included in this document is a list of historical individuals who took part in the adventure. These are new Commanders and Characters that can be selected for an appropriate force in regular games of Blood & Plunder.



There is more than one way to play the scenarios provided below. Each scenario features prescribed lists to represent the forces which took part in the historical action (between 200-300pts). Some of the scenarios also feature army scale lists which allow players to command numbers closer to those which actually took part. Players may play with the prescribed lists for each scenario and reenact the historical encounter, or players may choose their own lists. Each scenario has restrictions or exceptions on lists which vary from a regular game of Blood and Plunder.
These restrictions mean that players are going to need to decide on who will be the attacker and the defender before choosing lists. Players can roll off to determine who will be the attacker or they can agree between themselves.