Customer Battle Report: Ship to Ship Combat
Brian McGonigle’s Blood & Plunder’s naval combat
April 20, 2017
Prepare for Boarding!
May 5, 2017

Even Bigger Sails on the Horizon

The first Blood & Plunder expansion sets sail on Kickstarter mid-June!

We are excited to officially announce our next Kickstarter, No Peace Beyond the Line! It’s our first large-scale expansion to Blood and Plunder and we have an unveiling here to match the size of the endeavor: a prototype of the galleon.

It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s new, and it’s going to barrel right over those enemy sloops (if they’ll let them get close enough). This is the vessel that was readily attacked as it sailed across the Spanish Main, laden with treasure from the New World which promised riches to whomever captained it to shore.

The galleon was primarily used by Spanish — except when stolen and ransacked by anyone else (which was often). It’s our largest ship and the first with a foredeck. It features 28 guns, would have been 200 tons back in its day, carries over 120 men (well, miniatures) aboard, and it may later include rules for the lower deck. Keep an eye out!

Note: Overworked game designer pictured is only a playing suggestion, not included with purchase. This galleon is an unfinished prototype.