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Step into the thrilling world of Blood & Crowns, a 28 mm historical miniatures war game that transports you to the heart of the tumultuous Hundred Years War. Prepare to embark on epic battles as England and France clash over the coveted French Crown. This tabletop adventure unfolds on custom terrain, where 28 mm miniature figures and ships bring the fierce conflict to life.

Immerse yourself in this highly tactical game system, where the 14th-century European landscape becomes your battleground. Whether you lead armies on land or command mighty ships at sea, the choice is yours. Engage in daring skirmishes or orchestrate full-scale naval assaults as you vie for ultimate supremacy.

Blood & Crowns boasts a streamlined set of gaming rules, presenting both seasoned and novice wargamers with unique tactical challenges. Created by the brilliant mind of Eric Hansen, who masterfully weaved the Blood & Plunder system into this new adventure, the game promises an unparalleled experience of strategy, courage, and conquest. Are you ready to seize your destiny and etch your name in history? The battle awaits, where blood will be spilled, and crowns will hang in the balance.

The Blood & Crowns rulebook will come out in two formats print and digital.

This is a standard deck of cards that represents command and control. Players may share a single Initiative Deck or use their own deck. Jokers should be included if both players agree to use the optional Events rule.

This deck of cards will contain all the factions, leaders and units cards with stats and rules to supplement your game experience.

The late medieval period in Western Europe witnessed legendary battles such as Sluys, Crecy, Poitiers, Najera, Agincourt, and the siege of Orleans, which have become ingrained in our collective consciousness through myths and legends. However, these large-scale battles were infrequent due to the immense risks they posed. Defending armies often chose to remain within the safety of castle walls, compelling the enemy to endure lengthy sieges or suffer constant harassment from small raiding parties. This defensive strategy led attacking armies during the Hundred Years’ War to adopt a devastating tactic known as the chevauchée, or “mounted raid.” These mobile forces engaged in widespread pillaging, destruction, and violence to undermine the enemy’s economy and punish subjects loyal to rival kings. The chaotic nature of this period extended to maritime routes, where acts of piracy were seen as extensions of regular trade, blurring the lines between pirates, merchants, and privateers. Consequently, countless minor clashes occurred, ranging from formal challenges to daring assaults on seemingly impenetrable fortifications, as well as valiant stands by local forces desperate to defend their properties. These lesser-known battlefields are the focus of Blood & Crowns, a depiction of the intense personal combat experienced by individual warriors, where blood was shed and crowns were both won and lost.

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