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August 31, 2018
Talk Like a Pirate Day: NE PAS FAIRE DE QUARTIER!
Talk Like a Pirate Day: NE PAS FAIRE DE QUARTIER!
September 19, 2018

No Peace Beyond the Line on No Dice No Glory

Blood and Plunder Featured on No Dice No Glory Podcast


The crew of No Dice No Glory covers a great game of Blood & Plunder using some new No Peace Beyond the Line units and rules in Episode 19 of their podcast. In this installment, we hear hosts Mitch Reed and Glenn Goddard chat with new recruit, Turhan Buckley, as they “talk about the game and Turhan’s impressions of playing with Pirates.” Tune in to hear all about which rules came in handy and which weapons and units they’re taking a liking to!

To take a look at the favored factions of our hosts, check out the following:

Mitch’s French Buccaneers included Les Enfants Perdus, Flibustiers, and Marins. Other possible core units are the Boucaniers and Engagés while other support units are composed of the Dutch Enter Ploeg and Kapers, English Freebooters, Veteran Freebooters, African Warriors, and Warrior Musketeers.

Take a look at Turhan’s fierce Scottish Militia, a faction whose core units include European Militia or English Militia as well as European Soldiers or Musketeers. Their support units include European Militia Cavalry, European Artillery Crew, and European Sailors or Seadogs.

And don’t forget Glenn’s Tercios, who had Mitch begging for mercy! They are made up of the core units of Soldados or European Soldiers, Caballeria, and Milicianos or Hostigadores. Support units may include Milicianos Artilleros, Lanceros or European Pikemen, Caballeria de Lanceros, Milicianos Indios.