Tales Of The Sail Blood & Plunder Tournament Results

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March 25, 2022
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Tales Of The Sail Blood & Plunder Tournament Results

Tales of the Sails ran the “The Plunder of Easter Island Tournament” at Critical Hit Games in Maryland. They had a total of 18 players show up. Including demos which were run for several players. People who weren’t playing in the tournament also bought into the game!

You can find Tales of the Sail at this link here!

  1. Derek Kress – French – Canadian Militia
  2. Damian Nagel – French – French Raiders
  3. Fernando Arteaga – Spanish – Tercios
  4. Tom Mullane – Spanish – Tercios
  5. Ryan Smith – Unaligned – Scottish Militia
  6. Jayden King – Unaligned – Scottish Militia
  7. Ray Weiandt – Unaligned – Brethren of the Coast
  8. Nate Brown – Natives – Caribbean Tribes
  9. Joshua Walker – Natives – Northeastern Woodlands
  10. Joseph Dieguez – English – English Buccaneers
  11. Andre L’Huillier – French – French Caribbean Militia
  12. Bryan Price – Unaligned – Brethren of the Coast
  13. Ron McFarland – French – French Expeditionary Force
  14. Matt Maggitti – English – English Caribbean Militia
  15. Dick Caldwell – Unaligned – Scottish Militia
  16. Josh LeValley – French – French Expeditionary Force
  17. Andrew Vogl – Dutch – Dutch Privateers
  18. Alex Brown – English – Henry Morgan’s Buccaneers

Favorite Opponent went to Ron McFarland.

Best Painted Army (as judged by the store staff) was Andrew Vogl. Thank you to everyone for coming out and making this such an awesome experience! We look forward to seeing everyone at the next tournament.

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Below are some pictures of the tournament: