Return of the Summer of Plunder! 2022 Summer of Plunder Global Campaign Announced!

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April 19, 2022
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Return of the Summer of Plunder! 2022 Summer of Plunder Global Campaign Announced!

Welcome back to the Summer of Plunder!

Firelock Games, along with our partners Blood & Pigment, The Plunder Den, and Tails of the Sail, are hosting another Blood & Plunder (as well as Oak & Iron) global community campaign over the Summer of 2022! This campaign follows a loose structure and is a great way for Blood & Plunder players around the world to interact, share pictures and stories from their games, win prizes, and compete for glory for their chosen nation!

The campaign will run from May 30th until September 5th. There will be a weekly update on Sunday’s provided by Blood & Pigment. The update will give the current  national (and sometimes personal) standings, along with a reminder for the upcoming week’s new objective and some possible exhortations or challenges from your nation’s commanders.


The campaign will happen wherever you play a game! At a game store, your house, or halfway across the world! During the campaign, every time you play a game of Blood & Plunder (or O&I), you can submit a couple details about that game using the campaign entry form that can be found on Blood & Pigment and that game will be counted as part of the campaign.


To help build camaraderie, the the campaign will be primarily Nations competing for glory. Every time you submit a game, we apply campaign points to your nation. One nation will be master of the New World at the end of the campaign, and all supporting players will glory in their combined effort. The Grand Prize will go to a random participant who played for that nation. There will be a prize for the single player with the most points, prizes for each player with the most points within their Nation, and a variety of fun additional prizes you can find in the list below.

Each time you enter a game in the campaign, you will earn points for yourself as an individual and points for the nation you play as (you can flip flop and play for any number of nations or stay loyal to one or a few).  Points will be awarded as follows:

  • One point for playing a game (win or lose)
  • One point for accomplishing the weekly objective (see below)
  • One point for teaching a new player how to play the game.

Below are your doughty commanders! Choose your allegiance (or lack thereof).

Our glorious commanders include:

Joseph Forster will manage the campaign and post weekly updates.


At the end of the campaign more than $1000 in prizes will be awarded! Prizes will include:

  • Grand Prize – Random Player of Winning Faction
    • Your choice of a Galleon or 6th Rate Frigate with a set of Seamon’s Quality Sails
  • Most Notorious Pirate – Single Player with the Most Campaign Points
    • A  $100 Firelock Games Coupon Code
  • Tiny Captain – Most Oak & Iron Games Logged
  • Pirate Journalist – Most Game Photos Submitted
    • Your choice of a Benerson Little book, possibly/hopefully signed by the author
  • Resilient Commander – Random Player from the Losing Nation
  • Hardened Mercenary – Player who has played under the most flags (factions as tie-breaker)
    • Set of 3 Genuine 17th Century Fortune Coins
  • National Hero – Players who have Logged the Most Games in Each Nation
    • National Commander Mini hand painted by your nation’s Commander
  • Press Ganger – Most New Players Taught
  • 2022 Noob of the Year – Random Player Who Started Playing Blood & Plunder in 2022
    • A Two Player Starter Set from the Raise the Black Kickstarter (delivered as soon as it’s available).
  • Hoist Your Colors – Best Painted Minis in Photos
    • Set of Size 0 & 00 Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brushes
  • Pyratical Portraiture – Best Painted Commander Mini in Photos
    • 28mm WIP portrait of your nation’s commander
  • Land Worth Fighting For – Best Looking Table
    • Stone Walls handmade by Dexter Heide
  • Merchant Escort – Most games at FLGS
    • Docks handmade made by Dexter Heide
  • More may be announced!

Prizes will be announced the week after the end of the campaign. Players will be contacted via email and prizes will be shipped within two weeks.

You can earn additional campaign points by completing the objective during each week of the campaign. Nation Commanders may have additional objectives for their own players that come and go during the campaign but we are releasing the full schedule of campaign objectives ahead of time so players can plan accordingly.


  • Week 1 – May 29-June 5
    • Scouting Party – Play a small game of 50 points or less
  • Week 2 – June 6-12
    • Bark Wars! – Include a Bark in your force (or Piragua if your nation – Natives – can’t take a Bark)
  • Week 3 – June 13-19
    • Tales of War – Share a Battle Report (4+ pics and 100+ words) on the B&P Facebook Group (or in your submission if you don’t use Facebook)
  • Week 4- June 20-26
    • Damn the Shoals – Sail over a Shoal (successfully or not)
  • Week 5 – June 27-July 3
    • Employ the Locals – Include a Hostage/Advisor in your Force
  • Week 6 – July 4-10
    • The 4th Portion of Fortune – Start a game with 4+ Fortune Points.
  • Week 7 – July 11-17
    • Frontier War – Play a scenario from Fire on the Frontier
  • Week 8 – July 18-24
    • Tiny Wars – Oak and Iron games count as double!
  • Week 9 – July 25-31
    • Support the Merchants – Play a game at your Local Game Store
  • Week 10 August 1-7
    • Upgrade the Flagship – Include a size 3 or larger ship in your Force (or take over a size 3 ship if your nation can’t take large ships)
  • Week 11 August 8-14
    • Summer of PLUNDER! – Play the Plunder Scenario (from No Peace Beyond the Line.
  • Week 12 – August 15-21
    • Fortified – Play a game with Fortifications on the table
  • Week 13 – August 22-28
    • The Undying Pirate – Use the Cheat Death Ability
  • Week 14 – August 29-September 5
    • Men of Legend – Include a Legendary Commander in your Force

Look for more info to be forthcoming from Firelock Games, Tales of the Sail, The Plunder Den and Blood & Pigment. But for now, gather your forces, contact your local players and make plans for an epic Summer of Plunder!