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December 7, 2018
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Firestarters: Bringing New Projects to Life
January 24, 2019

Rigs & Weapons & Warriors

Firelock Games will be releasing several new sources of plunder along with supplemental models throughout the first half of 2019!

The Tartana – Concept Sketch

Tartana February 2019

The Tartana is a popular Mediterranean merchant vessel adapted for use in the Caribbean by the Spanish and the French. Sporting a two-masted fore & aft lateen rig and able to carry a decent armament for its size, the Tartana makes for an excellent coastal privateer.

Gun Emplacement March 2019

The ubiquitous earthwork fortification has been used for centuries. These individual gun emplacements will protect your gun crews from return fire.

Heavy Cannon March 2019

Representing guns that fire shot weighing 9-12 pounds, these cannons can deal serious damage to structures and units alike.

Stone Tower Fort March 2019

A handful of these small 16th-century style forts remain sprinkled around Spanish outposts in the New World. Their solid construction allows them to resist cannon fire and mount up to four heavy guns to deter attacking forces.

Weapons Sprue April 2019

Adding these weapons to your models will reflect many of the new upgrades made available to your units in the No Peace Beyond the Line expansion. Includes a variety of weapons and their associated upgrade cards.

Native Warriors Unit April 2019

Some Native warriors prefer the more reliable results of close combat. These typically emerge abruptly from ambuscade to conduct swift melee assaults before quickly fading back into the brush. The tribes of Darien and the Northeastern Woodlands are especially renowned for their skill in these tactics.