Quartermasters for Firelock Games

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October 12, 2018
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Quartermasters for Firelock Games

Dear Captains,


This notice is in reference to our newly established Quartermaster Program, which will soon commence its first trial. Some participants have already been chosen, but we would like to invite anyone interested to fill out a Quartermaster application. Once our trial run is finished, we will be pulling additional applicants to participate in the program after its official start date. Store owners and managers are invited along with individual gamers who want to support the community.



Quartermaster Program

This program is intended to serve as a platform for community outreach. We want to enable Quartermasters to support their local gaming community. Insight from Quartermasters will also help Firelock with future design decisions, improving current games, and ensuring that the needs and preferences of the community are heard. Of course, we understand that no self-respecting pirate or privateer volunteers their services without some recompense, so we’ve set up a rewards system to ensure that our Quartermaster crew is cared for. The rewards system is meant to accommodate both the Quartermaster and their community for their efforts.


Quartermaster Prerequisites

We are looking for players who enjoy games produced by Firelock Games and want to share them with other people in the way they feel most comfortable. This might include hosting demos and tournaments, creating helpful hobbyist or general Blood & Plunder knowledge videos or write-ups, sharing their love for the game with the whole internet via social media or personal blogs, or even playing games and filming or writing battle reports to share with the community. The ideal candidates are interested in these activities and have their own painted army (or armies), are comfortable chatting with new folks about pirates and privateers, and are also willing to converse with us at Firelock Games to share their opinions and work towards creating an even better gaming community.


If you’re interested in joining us or have any questions, please message quartermasters@firelockgames.com to receive an application. We look forward to hearing from you!