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September 10, 2019
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February 18, 2020

Introducing Blood & Valor

Greetings combatants. We have been getting a lot of questions about Blood & Valor and we want to take a moment to hopefully clear things up.

What is Blood & Valor?

Blood and Valor is the first in a series of rulebooks that Firelock Games is going to produce. We have been presented with many exciting projects and our goal is to create a range of high quality (even fantasy and sci-fi) rulebooks!

How is this different than other projects made by Firelock Games?

Normally, when Firelock Games creates a game, we do the full suite: Rulebook, Miniatures, Accessories etc. But for these titles, we will primarily be creating the rulebooks and some accessories.

But what about the miniatures?

Each of these rulebooks are designed to be played with any miniatures range that already exist for the genre. So if you have WW1 miniatures, you can play Blood & Valor.

Occassionally, we will be working with other companies to produce a line of miniatures. Phalanx Consortium is in charge of that this time and they have been creating beautiful new sculpts specifically to be played with Blood & Valor.

Why would you release the Americans first in a game about World War 1?

Phalanx Consortium’s goal is to try and fill in the ranks of what is already available. They could have gone with more commonly available miniatures, like British Infantry, but who isn’t excited by Pigeoneers? Phalanx Consortium will eventually release miniatures for each of the armies represented in Blood & Valor. Let us know which nations you would like to see next!

Blood & Valor Release Schedule

Firelock Games

  • Blood & Valor — 1/31/2020 — $34.99
  • Fatigue Dice (Optional) — 1/31/2020 — $9.99
  • Unit Card Deck (Optional) — Q1 2020 — TBA

Phalanx Consortium

  • WW1 US Army Starter Box 1917-’18 — Jan 2020 — $69.00
  • WW1 French Army Starter Box 1917-’18 — Jan 2020 — $69.00
  • WW1 German Army Starter Box 1917-’18 — Jan 2020 — $69.00
  • Token Set (Optional) — TBA — TBA

For more information about the Phalanx Consortium miniatures, you can head to their website at

Blood & Valor Book