WWPD.net Blood & Plunder Battle Report

D6 Generation: Blood & Plunder first Impressions
February 28, 2017
Silver Dragon Event
Silver Dragon’s Blood & Plunder event.
March 5, 2017

WWPD.net Blood & Plunder Battle Report

wwpd Battle Report

WWPD.net has posted and awesome battle report and review of Blood & Plunder!

“Blood and Plunder is probably one of the best army scale pirate games I have played. The rules a fresh and innovative. Game play is quick, tactical, and bloody. Everything you want in a modern war game. Plus the miniatures put out by Firelock Games are outstanding. If your interested in a pirate themed game you have to check out Blood and Plunder from Firelock Games.”

Blood And Plunder AAR: English Buccaneers Vs Spanish Guarda Costas