Beasts of War Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews
May 15, 2017
The Kickstarter is Upon Us
May 25, 2017

Playing with Fire(power)

Native Caribbeans with Muskets

A new unit of musket-wielding natives awaits in the Caribbean!

If you’ve been feeling as if your land skirmishes were at a dearth of good firepower from your native units, fear no more! This Kickstarter is headed your way with a new unit of musket-wielding Caribbeans. These natives match their superior skills with a bow to shooting musket fire and are more than happy to trade their own unique wares for foreign weaponry (or perhaps pick it off of the losing side of a battle). Tread lightly on foreign shores, because these warriors have been implementing modern metal to perfect their ambush tactics — you’ll be sailing in to meet a formidable adversary if you dare to cross them.