Battle Report: Battle on the Beach
Battle Report: Battle on the Beach
January 13, 2017
D6 Generation: Blood & Plunder first Impressions
February 28, 2017

French Militia Unit Preview

A preview of our soon to be released French Militia Unit that will unlock the French Militia faction! These will be sold in blister packs to allow all existing French Buccaneer factions players the ability to field another faction. They will also be sold as part of a new French Nationality box that will allow you to field either the French Buccaneers or the French Militia.
We will also be rolling out English nationality and Spanish nationality boxes. Keep in mind that whatever faction you currently own, all you need is a few blister packs in order to make a whole other faction to play within the nationality. We will be posting a blog detailing this in the coming weeks but here is a quick example:

  1. English Buccaneers , just add a few blister packs of English militia to have a themed English Militia faction force.
  2. English Militia just add a few blister packs of freebooters or sea dogs or both to be able to use the English Buccaneers.
  3. Spanish Militia Just add a few blister packs of Marineros for a Guarda Costa force
  4. Spanish Guarda Costa add a few blisters packs of Milicianos or Lanceros or both to field the Spanish Militia.

This was all historical and allows a lot of flexibility with fielding different forces.

Stay tuned!