Raise the Black Manifesto
Raise the Black Coming Soon
February 18, 2020
New historical characters on their way!
April 1, 2020

February Updates


The Blood & Plunder theater is about to see it’s next major expansion! We will be launching a Kickstarter for the new loot in May. Plastic models, new ship kits, and much more!

Blood and Valor book

Blood and Valor has arrived at Firelock Games HQ and has begun shipping to Pre-orders! Make sure to post pictures of your first game on our fan page:

Oak and Iron

Oak and Iron is beginning fulfillment to our Kickstarter Backers by the end of this month!!! Up next is pre-orders and then we will hold the official Oak and Iron launch. Check out Captain Mike as he explores the contents of a final production copy of the core box:


Firestarters are doing great! We have heard much excitement and we’re looking forward to adding these to the current Blood & Plunder Line. To hold you over as we wait for these to fund, here are pictures of the models painted:

Firelock Games will be at Adepticon 2020 in a big way. If you’re lucky enough to be an attendee this year, make sure to stop by our booth and preview new and unreleased games!

There is still time to sign up for events we are hosting. Space is limited and treasure is plenty!