Customer Spotlight: Joseph Forster’s “African Warriors – A Painting Guide”

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January 30, 2019
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Customer Spotlight: Joseph Forster’s “African Warriors – A Painting Guide”

By Joseph Forster

The African Warrior is a strong native unit that pops up as a support unit in several European and Native factions and forms the core of the Black Caribs faction (which functions like a Native faction).

These are nice models that have a real presence on the board and they’re fun to paint.

My challenge for these models has been settling on a skin tone that I’m happy with. The various mixes of Citadel and Vallejo tones I’ve worked have either been unsatisfactory or too much trouble so I cheated and bought a couple sets of African skin tone paints from WarGames Foundry.

I’ll be using their African Skin Tone trio of paints and I will compare the results with the Dark African skin tones at the end.

Step 1 – Prep and Prime

There’s a lot of flash to take off and plenty of parts to carefully reshape. You can find some more pointers on preparing the minis in my Preparing Minis post.

I use the zenithal priming method for priming.

Step 2 – Base Coats

I started with the skin tone but I’m taking two different approaches. On the two closer models I started with a base of the Foundry African Flesh Shade tone and on the other two models, I started with the mid-tone African Flesh.

I used this African Flesh set of paints.

To see how Joseph finishes this guide, check out the rest of his post here!

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