Brian McGonigle’s Amphibious Scenario Battle
March 29, 2017
Customer Battle Report: Ship to Ship Combat
Brian McGonigle’s Blood & Plunder’s naval combat
April 20, 2017

Customer spotlight: Nate Zettle’s Longboat

Customer Nate Zettle painted this amazing long boat and here is how he did it :

  • The hull is Army Painter ‘Fur Brown’ color primer.
  • The deck is Army Painter ‘Skeleton Bone’ Colour primer.
  • The whole thing is washed with army painter dark tone.
  • When that’s dry I did a soft drybrush of GW ‘bleached bone’ on the deck.
    Then a soft drybrush of GW ‘bronzed flesh’ on the hull.
  • The ropes are Coat d’arms barbarian leather (snakebight leather equivalent).
    Followed by bronzed flesh highlight, finished with bleached bone.