New historical characters on their way!
April 1, 2020
Blood & Plunder Photography Contest from Blood & Pigment Results Revealed
July 6, 2020


Oak and Iron

Oak & Iron Pre-orders

The Blood & Plunder theater is about to see it’s next major expansion! We will be launching Oak and Iron have been received at our warehouse in Florida! We are preparing to begin shipping our North American Pre-orders by the end of the week. If you are still waiting on your Kickstarter rewards, we are keeping everyone up to date on our Kickstarter updates.

Oak & Iron on Tabletop Simulator

Oak & Iron is now available on Tabletop Simulator! You can now enjoy a taste of Oak & Iron in virtual reality, perfect timing for those of us stuck at home with no one to play with. Check it out in the mod-list anywhere that Tabletop Simulator is available.

Painting Guide

A painting guide for Oak & Iron ships is now available. Thanks to our historical consultant, Benerson Little, you can rest assured that your ships will look as period-correct as possible. 

30% Off on Scurvy Dice!

Found yourself with a lot of extra time with the family and need something to do? Why not build ships and battle it out for gold on the high seas!? Our family-friendly dice game, Scurvy Dice, is now on sale. Snatch this one up before they are all gone

Fire Starters have all been funded.

All of our newest Blood & Plunder units have been fully funded! Our sculptor is now hard at work polishing these up so that manufacturing can begin soon. Expect more previews of the models as we have them

We have compiled a list of common questions and made some corrections for Blood & Valor. As a result, the first FAQ and errata is now available.