Weekly Customer Spotlights – April 30 2021
April 30, 2021
Firelock Games Historical World War II RPG Announced!
May 6, 2021

April Recap

Come see all the major events that happened in April for Firelock Games!

April was a unique month for us here at Firelock. Community engagement has never been higher. We love seeing the stuff you put out, so please keep posting your fan content!

The first thing we would like to highlight is the various customer spotlights we have posted throughout the month. Each one of our fans that were featured put out amazing content, and we hope to see more fan content posted in the future!

Photo from Ian Tennant
Photo from Dexter Heide

Oak & Iron Restock

As was announced on our social medias, Oak & Iron will have a full restock available on May 15!

Blood & Pigment

Our friends at Blood & Pigment have released quite a few quality articles and videos that will be linked below.

Faction Overview – Dutch Militia

English Buccaneers: Faction Review

Faction Overview – Spanish Corsairs

4Ground Terrain -La Haye Sainte Buildings

Battle Report – St. Augustine Cattle Stampede


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Thank you guys for the awesome April, lets have an awesome May as well!