Port Royal is a campaign based, tactical, small-scale warband-sized skirmish wargame that is easy and fast to learn and play. Loosely based on the historical events following the 1692 earthquake that devastated the island of Jamaica. In Port Royal, players take control of small companies of pirates, privateers, Native Americans, African Maroons, or local government forces as they battle against opponents for their share of the plunder that litters the ruins of the place. Players will gain loot and experience between games while building infamy and growing in their piratical expertise. But take heed! The ruins are fraught with dangers! Falling buildings, wild animals, desperate civilians, and opposing companies can bring a quick end to members of your company.

The Game Experience

– I –

Create Your Company

Choose from a number of different companies including Jamaican Pirates, French Buccaneers, Spanish Corsairs, Dutch Kapers, Maroons, Carib Raiders, or Forces of the Crown. Once you choose your type of Company, build it out with the various units available and equip each character with a variety of weapons and equipment.

– II –

Play a Game

Each game will have companies battling it out for plunder in the ruins, jungles, and plantations of Jamaica. The scenario generator and random events ensure that each battle will not be like the last.

– III –

The Aftermath

When the game is over, the Port Royal experience doesn’t end. After each game, players will record the results and check to see the fate of their characters. Companies will gain pieces of eight, be able to explore the area and discover rare treasures (or sometimes encounter angry locals or wildlife!). Characters will gain experience to improve their skills, but can also suffer injuries that can have negative effects.

– IV –

High Adventure on Your Tabletop!

All of these elements come together to tell the story of each player’s Company. Players will build affection for their characters, celebrating their accomplishments and sometimes mourning their losses, all in the spirit of tabletop adventure! Once the campaign ends, the player that gained the most infamy will be declared the winner.

What’s in the Box


6 d10 Dice

12 sailor models

(unpainted customizable hard plastic sprues)

Characters & Accessories

(unpainted customizable hard plastic sprues)

Punchboard Tokens
Punchboard Terrain
Terrain Mat