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Unit & Character Card Set


131 Cards

  • 70 Unit Cards
  • 14 Force Cards
  • 27 Standard Commander Cards
  • 17 Historic Commander Cards
  • 3 Legendary Figure Cards

For use with Blood & Plunder.
28mm Historical Miniatures Game Set During the Age of Piracy.

*NOTE: Sale price is down to remaining inventory having damaged packaging. The cards themselves are not damaged.

NPBTL – Unit and Character Card Set


Natives stand ready to greet new Dutch, Spanish, English, Native American, Unaligned, and French sails on the horizon in the No Peace Beyond the Line expansion. Augment crews with new cards, fearsome additions of new factions, commanders, and units to help you vie for power!

War Stories: All in Bundle


Get all War Stories products at a discounted price!

With this All In bundle, you will recieve

1x War Stories Hardcover Core Rulebook

1x War Stories Campaign Rulebook

1x War Stories Rulebook PDF

1x War Stories Campaign Rulebook PDF

1x War Stories Dice Set

1x War Stories Card Set

1x War Stories GM Screen


You will be able to access the PDF’s at anytime with your Firelock account.