For the last 4 years, Blood & Plunder has introduced thousands of people into the world of 28mm amphibious wargaming within the attractive setting of the 17th Century New World. Our last expansion, No Peace Beyond the Line, covered everything from campaigns to larger scale battles and added tons of new units, factions, and ship options. We are excited to continue to add to the gameplay options and to push the timeline of the game forward by exploring a new chapter of history.

The 18th Century

The universe of Blood & Plunder will be moving onto the 18th century! The Raise the Black expansion book will feature new units and factions with a focus on active powers during the second French & Indian War, Queen Anne’s War. Mixed European and Native American raiding parties, the last wave of buccaneers, regular army units, and of course lots of pirates are just some of the exciting additions you can expect. We have even added the option for 18th-century doctrinal reforms for some hugely impressive, well-coordinated tactics!

If you love your 17th-century units, fear not! Not only will Forces from the previous period be balanced to play against the newer ones, but we will continue to support and add to that setting even as we progress the timeline.


We are getting asked about our next Kickstarter weekly at this point, so it is high time we address it! We have faced several obstacles in getting this ready to launch. Everything from issues stemming from the worldwide pandemic to staff members dealing with significant illness. But I am happy to say that things are now back on track and we will be launching the Kickstarter on Tuesday, October 6th!

This Kickstarter will launch an all-new series of multi-part plastic miniatures, including a 28mm plastic Bermuda Sloop and customizable unit sprues! These first kits will include enough to build 12 models with several body, head, and weapon options. You can use these kits to build out many of the existing 17th century units and even add some new options to those older units (like boarding pikes and brace of pistols for all sailors!). They are also the perfect choice to create most of the new units in the upcoming Raise the Black supplement, such as Pirates, Provincials, Grenadiers, and Jamaican Privateers.

The Kickstarter will also feature 10 famous pirates of the Golden Age. We will release bios and character art for each pirate over the next few weeks leading up to the launch of the Kickstarter! 

Finally, the main event of this whole Kickstarter: A Blood & Plunder 2 player starter set! The starter set will be themed around Blackbeard’s last battle with Royal Navy Lieutenant Robert Maynard. Pirates vs. the Royal Navy, classic Blood & Plunder action! As you may know, this was a naval battle between two small sloops, so this starter set will include two sloops and two crews to man them! You can also expect this box to be a one-stop-shop for players looking to get into the game. Like our Oak & Iron Core set, the box will feature everything needed to play except glue!




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We of course have long term plans for Blood & Plunder. Following the new range of plastics for the Kickstarter, we plan to add even more plastic units and vessels (some of which could be unlocked as stretch goals of course!). As we fill in the present time periods with lots of great plastic options, we will also be continuing to move the time period forward. All the way to the early 19th century at least. I’m especially excited to be able to cover the American Revolution!
We are excited to continue to support this game and to be delivering all this new goodness to you all very soon. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, and check our website for articles and updates as we continue to work to bring you all these exciting new things!