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This set includes 25 English models and allows you to build a 100 point force of either:

English Buccaneers: Privateers and sometimes pirates sailing out of Jamaica to raid the towns and commerce of the Spanish Empire.


Brethren of the Coast: These adventurers are of all nations, races, and ethnicities, and their sole purpose is to harry Spain—to plunder the Spanish Main! They are English buccaneers, French flibustiers, Dutch freebooters, Spanish deserters, Portuguese seamen, and freed slaves and other men of color, all banded together for common purpose. If they are English and are forbidden to plunder the Spanish, they will accept a French commission, and if French and so forbidden, an English commission. And if there is no commission to be had, they will make a pretense of one and attack the Spanish anyway. They are naturally armed as are the English buccaneers and French flibustiers, both of whom are in their number: with flintlock musket (usually a fusil boucanier), cartouche box of thirty cartridges, a pistol or two, and a cutlass.


1 English Nationality Starter Set:

Twenty five 28 mm unpainted lead free pewter miniatures.

– 8 Sea Dogs

– 8 Forlorn Hope

– 8 Sea Dogs with Muskets (European Sailor Musketeers)

– 1 Buccaneer Commander


1 Ship (Sloop | Brigantine | Frigate | Bark | Canoa | Fluyt | Galleon | Piragua | Canoa+Piragua)
–  Ship includes cannons and rigging.
– 1 Ship Card

1 English Activation Card Deck

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