How to Play Blood & Plunder

Getting Started with Blood & Plunder

What is Blood & Plunder?

B lood & Plunder is a 28 mm historical miniatures war game set in the 17th century during the golden age of piracy . The game is played out on a tabletop using custom terrain and 28 mm miniature figures and ships.

This highly immersive and tactical game system takes players into the 17th century world of blood thirsty pirates, desperate militiamen and and ferocious natives. All of them in a constant struggle to control the wealth of the New World! Games can be played on land, at sea or a combination of both using a streamlined set of gaming rules that will present new and veteran war gamers alike with unique tactical challenges. The game was created with the consultation of Benerson Little, re-known pirate historian and author in order to insure as much historical accuracy as possible.

What do I need to play Blood and Plunder? 

The Rules

Blood & Plunder Rulebook

The rulebook is the heart of Blood & Plunder. It includes all the rules needed to play battles on land or sea along with scenarios and force lists.


Group of Miniatures

Each player will need a set of miniatures to represent their forces in the game. Our starter boxes are a great place to start. Each starter box includes 25 of our highly detailed pewter miniatures, Stat cards for all of the units included and a card detailing the force list, special rules and a pre-built 100 point starting force.We also offer ships that will allow you to conduct naval battles as well as amphibious invasions.

Playing Cards

Activation Cards

Each player will need their own deck of playing cards to activate their units. The playing cards are used to determine which play can activate a unit first and how many actions that unit can take based on it’s experience level. Although a standard deck of 54 playing cards is all that is needed, Firelock Games produces several card decks with different faction themes that include all the relevant game information printed on them. This is especially helpful to newer players.

Ten Sided Dice

10 sided dice

Blood & Plunder uses 10 sided dice to resolve all of the actions taken by units throughout the game. A handful (4-12) is ideal to have on hand for each player. Firelock Games produces beautiful custom 10 sided dice with marking that correspond to each of the nationalities represented in the game.


Set of 24 Marker Dice

Markers will be helpful to track various effects on ships and units throughout the game. Anything can be used for markers. Cotton or poly-fil puffs can be used as musket smoke to track reloads, gaming beads, coins or even scraps of paper can also be used to track reloads fatigue and other statuses throughout the game. Firelock Games produces 6 sided dice used as markers to track all game effects. Having markers as cubes instead of flat tokens is very helpful for getting them in and out of a ships crowded deck!

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape will be needed to measure out things such as how far a unit can move or the range between a shooting unit and a targeted unit. Any measuring tape marked out in inches will do.

Game Table & Terrain

Ocean Mat with Islands Set

Games of Blood & Plunder are best played on custom three dimensional gaming tables that recreate the jungles, towns and coastlines where these skirmishes took place. Games are best played on tables that are at least 3’x3’ or a bit larger for ship battles. If a nice gaming table is not something you can easily attain, anything can work. Pieces of felt of different colors can be cut out to represent forests, hills and ponds for example (the rules work fine with 2d terrain). Or even stack some books under a sheet to represent hills or sand dunes.

An Opponent

Hand holding activation cards

Last but not least, you will need an opponent! Blood & Plunder, and tabletop games in general, are a great way to meet new people or to find a new hobby with an old friend. Be sure to visit a local game store where your sure to find someone willing to join you in swashbuckling adventure!